Adding Nectir to GauchoSpace

  1. Visit the course you would like to create a Nectir channel for.

  2. Make sure to "turn editing on" on your course page.

  3. Select "+ Add activity or resource" under the section you want the Nectir link to show.

    Add an activity or resource button
  4. Select the Nectir tool from the "All" tab.

    Select Nectir tool under the
  5. Fill out Activity name with "Nectir" or any title you prefer.

  6. Select "Save and return to course".

  7. Click on the new Nectir link that shows up on your course page. This will automatically create your Nectir class channel based on your course title.

  8. You're done! Please instruct your students to click on the Nectir link to be automatically added to your class channel. Remind them that if they don't have an account already, to please make one at

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