Right below the message box on your channel, you'll see a few options to adjust your message text. You have the option of bolding, italics, strikethrough, KaTeX, and even inline and multi-line code.

To use these items, you can click on the button before typing to add the symbols. Be sure to type your message between the two symbols. Another method is highlighting the part of your text that you want to change and then press the related button, this will add the symbols to both sides of the highlighted text.

You can also edit your message to include these options even after you've sent it.

B = bold

This will add 2 asterisks to the text box. Put the text you want bolded between the 2 asterisks (*)

i = italics

This will add 2 underscores to the text box. Put the text you want italicized between the 2 underscores. (_)

S = strikethrough

This will add 2 tildes to the text box. Put the text you want struck through between the 2 tildes. (~)

</> = inline code

This will add 2 back ticks to the text box. Put the text you want to be inline code between the 2 back ticks. (`)

curved arrow = multi-line code

This will enable you to write multi line code. Put the text you want between the 3 back ticks. (```)

$$KaTeX$$ = send math equations

Click on this to view all supported TeX functions. Place two dollar signs before and after your function for proper KaTeX rendering. ($$)

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