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Built by students, for students.

Nectir was built by students just like you. We experienced and know how tough it can be to find the resources you need to succeed in every class, so our goal is to give you access to your campus community so that the help you're looking for is always at your fingertips.

Simplify working together.

Nectir is the instant chat tool that engages campus communities and reduces burnout.

Effortless connection.
Nectir is here to make students' lives easier. School is challenging enough without being detached.

  1. Make an account.

  2. Download the apps.

  3. Find your class channels.

  4. Start messaging in public or private.

  5. Students and instructors all chat with each other.

  6. Create more channels as needed.

How you can thrive.
Nectir's top priority is immediate communication with peers and instructors. You should be never left waiting or stressing.

Supplement lectures with conversations, examples, and updated information. Participating helps others, instructors, and yourself.

Get more out of classes by working together on your own terms, individually or in groups.

Set preferences to use differently than other chats or social apps. Plus, stay on your instructors' good side.

Study Groups

Create a break-off study group from your main class channel. Classmates and information are all already on Nectir.

Resource Repository

Messages are saved, so information can be found when you miss class. Search keywords to make a study guide or review.

Everything In One Place

All your chats, topics, and conversations are in the same place. Everything is organized better than what's possible in general messaging apps.

Only what you need, when you need it.
Our product is familiar and made to feel intuitive to you. We're always looking for ways to improve and welcome feedback from students.

Desktop App - Mobile App - Sub Channels - Emojis & GIFs - Polls - Direct Messages - KaTex For Math - Videos & Attachments

We're different for a reason.
Nectir is the only chat tool on the market built for higher education. The entire purpose for the platform is to help you succeed in class.

Social Platforms: GroupMe, WhatsApp, Text Message, Discord

Messaging Platforms: Slack, Teams, Discord

Educational Q&A Forums: Piazza, Ed, Campuswire, Yellowdig

Only Nectir covers and exceeds all the criteria of these categories.

Need help?
Nectir support is always available. Let us know where you're stuck or where we can improve.

Live Chat & Help Guide directly within the app. Easily DM @VickyNectir, your community manager with any questions.

Don't just take our word for it.
Engagement is the top indicator of student success and staying enrolled.

I’ve been waiting for an app like Nectir for so long. I finally feel comfortable asking for help. Nectir makes me feel so much more confident.

Neta C., Economics & Accounting Student, UC Santa Barbara

Nectir is the reason that I passed class. It was so easy to study with a group and I still talk to them! Office hours was a breeze, I could join from wherever. I hope all my teachers use Nectir.

Alexis V., Communication & Professional Writing Student, UC Santa Barbara

There are thousands of other nectirines. We can't wait to meet you.

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