Send a direct message through username:

  1. Go to your Nectir workspace and click on the pen and paper icon in the top left corner.

  2. Select "Direct Messages".

  3. Add the users you want by username (up to 10).

  4. Hit "Create", type your message in the message bar at the bottom and send!

If unable to find someone by username, follow the steps below.

An alternative method to send a direct message:

  1. Go to Nectir workspace and click the Globe icon in the top left corner (Directory).

  2. Switch from "Channels" to "Users" at the top tab.

  3. Search for the user by their name or username.

  4. Click on the user's name and you will be able to message them directly from there!

Note: You can also create a DM with someone by clicking on their name and selecting "Direct Message".

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