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Enabling and disabling notifications
Enabling and disabling notifications

Change your Nectir notification preferences

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Choose how and when you'd like to be notified of new messages. Easily change and manage your notification and account settings!

How to change your desktop and mobile notification:

  1. Click on your Profile Picture/Avatar in the top left corner.

  2. Select "My Account" from the drop-down list. Here on the right, you can make edits to your account settings. Be sure to click the blue "save changes" button at the top right.

  3. For notifications: Select "Preferences" from the left-hand menu.

  4. Here is where you can adjust your settings, including Notifications.

Note: Each individual user controls only their own notification settings in each channel/their personal workspace. Changing it within a channel you own will not also change it for everyone else in that channel.

Desktop Notifications (works best in Chrome browser)

  • Here is where you can set your desktop notification preferences. This will override any individual channel preferences, so make sure that your global preferences here are accurate.

  • Use the "Test Desktop Notifications" button to ensure that your browser is successfully notifying you.

Mobile App Notifications

  • First, make sure that you've set your phone's permissions to allow Nectir notifications. Next, open the Nectir mobile app.

  • Go to the desired channel and click the name at the top

  • This will take you to the menu for the channel, where you can click on "Notifications"

  • Here is where you can set your preferences for notifications for that specific channel

Email Notifications

  • You can opt to receive email notifications for Mentions, Direct Messages (DM's), or more. This will go to the email with which you registered your Nectir account.

Disabling Notifications

  1. Find Notification Preferences within “Preferences” under “My Account”, which can be found by clicking on your Icon/Avatar in the top left corner

  2. Switch toggle from "On" to "Off"

  3. You can also change the notification volume here

Disable notifications completely or according to your preferences. Make sure your global settings are correctly adjusted, as well, as these override any individual channel settings.

FOR SUB-CHANNELS: You can set separate notification settings for the sub-channel within your channel. To do this, just enter the sub-channel, click the three dots at the top right corner, select "Notifications" from the drop-down list, and set your preferences. Then, when you go back out to the channel itself, you can follow the same steps to set separate notifications for channel messages.

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