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Everything on using polls in your Nectir channel

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Easily engage with your channel by sending out a poll.

Create a poll on your channel:

  1. Select the channel that you wish to create a poll in.

  2. Type β€œ /poll ” into the message box and press enter twice.

  3. The polling box will appear, which will allow you to add your poll question, answer options, and set your poll's settings (read more below).

  4. You can add more answer options by selecting "Add an option" (Minimum 2 options, Maximum of 5 options)

    Note: There is a 350 character limit total for the question + options

Poll Settings:

Multiple Choices vs. Single Choice

  • "Multiple choices" will allow the users who vote on your poll to select more than one answer.

  • "Single choice" will allow users to only select one answer.

    • Users can undo their vote by pressing the button again.

Open Vote vs. Confidential Vote

  • "Open vote" means that everyone will be able to see everyone's responses beneath each option.

  • "Confidential vote" means that responses will be anonymous, even to the creator of the poll or owner of the channel.

    Screenshot for creating a poll on Nectir

Closing the poll:

  1. Hover over the and press the three vertical dots next to the poll's question.

  2. Once you click it, you will see an option to "Finish Poll". Click the button to close the poll.

    • Closing the poll is irreversible and no one will be able to vote on that poll anymore. A timestamp for when the poll was closed will also be displayed.

Note: Not working on your browser? If you're getting a "no such command" message, this is most likely due to your browser being outdated. Please update your browser and then try again.

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