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What is a private channel
What is a private channel

Everything on private channels

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What is a private channel?

Private channels are closed channels. They are visible only to their members, and cannot be found on the public directory. Use private groups for courses with a set class roster, topics that are sensitive, confidential, or limited to a specific group of team members. Private channels can hold any number of users.

Private channels can be joined by invitation/user add only. The channel owner sets the permissions that determine who can invite others to a private group by invite link. By default, only administrators, channel owners, and moderators can invite others to private rooms.

How to add users to a private channel (2 ways)

1. Use the channel's invite link

  1. Select the "Members" icon, at the top right corner of your private channel. This will open up the members tab.

  2. Click on "Invite Link".

  3. Your invite link will be displayed. Copy the link and send it to those that you would like to join the channel.

  4. If you would like to change how long the invite link will remain active, select "Edit Invite" and share the new generated invite link.

  5. Users who click the invite link will be taken directly to the channel and be able to join.

2. Manually add users (who already have a Nectir account)

  1. Open your desired channel and select the "Members" icon right next to the three dots, at the top right.

  2. Select "+Add Users".

  3. Type in their username in the "Choose Users" box and select who you'd like to add to the channel. Confirm by selecting "Add Users".

View members in private channel

To see who has joined your channel so far, click on the "Members" icon right next to the three dots. This will allow you to toggle the list to see both who is currently online and also a full list of everyone in the channel.

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