Want to send videos or other attachments to your Nectir channel? You can drag and drop any file into your channel, as long as its less than 1 GB. Videos must be mp4 files in order to be played within the channel (.mov files can be uploaded, but must be downloaded to watch).

Upload a file from your computer:

  1. Click the plus sign at the end of the message box.

  2. Select "Add Files from Computer" and choose the file you want to send.

  3. Change the file name or add a description and press "Send".

If your file size is too big, like a really long lecture, we recommend you upload it to your Google Drive or to Youtube and then send the link to your channel.

If your video is taking too long to upload, check your bandwidth, as this is an issue for each personal computer rather than on the Nectir backend.

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