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Using KaTeX for math

Use KaTeX to create math equations and expressions within Nectir

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To support math classes on Nectir, we have KaTeX (our version of LaTeX). With this, you can create equations, expressions, etc. directly within Nectir.

By placing two dollar signs $$ before and after the equation, it will be rendered in KaTeX.

Here is a list of supported functions and how to type them:

For multi-line/callout formulas

If the KaTeX equation lives by itself (no other surrounding text or equations), it will render as multi-line.


$$this is in its own line, and would render as multi-line$$
this $$is not by itself$$ since there is text next to it, so would render inline

Make sure your formula is surrounded on either side by "$$" before you send your message. This will allow it to appear in proper KaTeX form.

If you forget, no worries! You can always edit your message to include the two dollar signs and send, this should then render it in KaTeX form.

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