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Simplify working together.

Nectir is the instant chat tool that engages campus communities and reduces burnout.

Effortless connection.
Nectir is here to make instructors' lives easier. An attainable goal with an attainable solution.

  1. Make an account.

  2. Integrate with your school LMS.

  3. Create your class channels.

  4. Invite students.

  5. Download the apps.

  6. Start messaging in public or private.

Problems we are solving.
Engagement is the top indicator of student success and retention. US colleges lose $16.5B/yr in tuition from dropouts.

The #1 reason for dropouts is that students don't feel colleges care about them.

  • Traditional efforts and outdated methods are slow, and not increasing connectivity in new environments of student bodies.

Time-constrained instructors are working tirelessly to be responsive and available.

  • Students are left frustrated and lacking timely information.

  • Limited flexibility and options leave out underserved individuals.

Asynchronous and flipped classroom learning has proven successful.

  • Existing solutions are not built for real-time communication to facilitate that.

  • Social/enterprise platforms do not meet the qualifications of the college environment.

How Nectir solves them.
Nectir is a resource for the well-being of instructors and students. When tools can help both be efficient, schools win.

Eliminates repetitive, endless emails with real-time responses and students helping each other.

Allows for asynchronous and casual conversations in a variety of messaging types, to meet all student and instructor needs.

Streamlines setup with our LTI integration and automated class onboarding. Full higher education compliance.

Several support outlets for Nectir's process and product, with Community Manager outreach and reports.

Real interactions.
Campuses and instructors exist for the interpersonal. Students don't want to learn on their own from materials.

Office Hours

  • Scalable for instructors and accessible to more students. Our platform has features to best organize conversations and serve multiple students in a few simultaneous ways.

Tasks Done Now

  • Be as proactive and reactive as you want to lighten your to-do list later. Having a constant touchpoint and students supporting each other means issues are solved before they even exist.

Flipped Classrooms

  • Facilitate what's almost always proven successful with the right tools. Modern class participation is now optimized and achievable.

Only what you need, when you need it.
Our product is practical to adopt and make part of how you want to work. We're always looking for ways to improve and welcome feedback from schools.

Desktop App - Mobile App - Sub Channels - Emojis & GIFs - Polls - Direct Messages - KaTex For Math - Videos & Attachments

Nectir is different for your school.
Nectir is the only chat on the market built for higher education. We prioritize monitoring, compliance, a central workspace, and budget.

With other platforms that are not school sanctioned, it’s easy to be anonymous and post unsavory messages or cheat.

Every Nectir account is tied to a valid student ID, school provided email address, and students use their legal name. This heavily dissuades inappropriate activity in spaces where students, instructors, and advisors coexist.

For peace of mind, anyone can Report a message to alert Community Managers if action is needed.

Social Platforms: GroupMe, WhatsApp, Text Message, Discord

Messaging Platforms: Slack, Teams, Discord

Educational Q&A Forums: Piazza, Ed, Campuswire, Yellowdig

Only Nectir covers and exceeds all the criteria of these categories.

We work with your LMS.
Nectir does not replace your existing technology. We serve a different purpose and make onboarding easy with our LTI integration.

Instructors can automatically populate their class channels and students can easily find where they need to be.

Nectir can be used directly within your LMS interface if that's more convenient than our apps.

Our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure you have a great implementation experience.



Brightspace by D2L



High standards matter to us.
We've invested in making sure Nectir meets your requirements. If it's important to you, it's absolutely important to us.

FERPA Compliant

  • We don't sell data to 3rd parties and are not ad supported.

  • Encrypted servers make sure messages stay safe.

  • Only anonymized data is used for analytics and improvements.


  • All users of all abilities can use Nectir.

  • We are obtaining our VPAT through an independent 3rd party audit.

  • We will be WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

Data Privacy

  • We maintain an up to date HECVAT.

  • Our encryption standards, how we handle and process data, and data security within our infrastructure are documented.

Don't just take our word for it.

Nectir has been a game changer for me I was unsatisfied with the disconnected formality of online course interactions in discussion forums and emails. I wanted more spontaneous, familiar ways for today’s online students to work together and communicate with the instructor. Nectir’s ability to send mobile notifications makes it so easy for students to collaborate, ask quick questions, and help each other - which builds class community.

Mindy Colin, Instructional Consultant, UC Santa Barbara

In my 20 years of teaching, I have never used something as life changing as Nectir.

Jason Duque, Professor, UC Santa Barbara

It gave me peace of mind. The use of Nectir created a sense of community among my students who felt confused, isolated, or distant. Students not only found a connection with my course, but among themselves as they responded to each other's questions. I have implemented Nectir activities - presentation videos, sub-channels, and peer reflections. Posting a question will start an exchange. Nectir can compliment any university.

Dr. Myriam Gonzales-Smith, Teaching Professor, Dept. of Spanish & Portuguese
Is your campus ready to join the thousands of other nectirines? For more information or to get started speak with our team today.

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