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Nectir Message Options

Every message option explained.

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Here we will cover all the possible actions a user can do with a message.

  1. If you hover over a message, this will highlight the message in grey.

  2. You will see a set of icons pop up on the right side of the message.

  3. If you click on the last icon, with the 3 dots, this will show all the message options.

Quick summary of each option is listed below.


Hover over a message and click this if you would like to quote this message in a new message.

Add Reaction

Add an emoji reaction to this message. This will open an emoji box where you can search or scroll through the tabs to find an emoji.

Reply in Thread

Start a side conversation, aka thread, with this message. This helps organize conversation & only users in the thread are notified of messages

Reply in Direct Message

Here you can send a reply through direct message to the user of the message that is highlighted.

Start a Sub-Channel

Create a sub-channel within that channel with that message as the topic.

Follow Message

Get a notification if someone replies to this message. Click here again to unfollow. If following, a bell icon will appear next to the time of message.

Get Link

This allows you to share a link of that message to another user in the workspace.


Copy the text of the message that is highlighted onto your clipboard. Now you can paste it anywhere.


You'll only see this option if it was your message. If you're the owner of the channel, you can edit any message. Make sure to hit enter/send the edited message to save changes. Once edited, a pencil icon will appear by the time stamp of the message.


Only owners of the channel can pin a message. "Pin" important messages or attachments for convenient access for the whole channel.


Star messages so you can quickly reference them again. Only you can view your starred messages.

Mark Unread

This marks the message as unread and the channel will appear under the "unread" section in the sidebar.


This shows what user reacted with what emoji. This option will only show if the message already has emoji reactions.


Here you can file a report on a message and it will send to the community manager for further investigation.


You will only see this option if you wrote the message or if you are the owner of the channel. This deletes the message from the channel. Deleted messages cannot be retrieved.

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