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Every channel option explained.

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Let's talk all the possible channel actions.

At the top right of the channel, you will see all the channel icons.

The last icon is the "options" tab. Click on this to access the dropdown of channel options.

Quick summary of each option is listed below.

Sub-Channels (used to be called "Discussions")

View all sub-channel groups within that channel. In the sub-channel list, click on the sub-channel you want to view. This will open up the sub-channel. Click the blue join button at the bottom right to join and start chatting.

Notification Preferences

Customize your notification preferences for specific channels. Choose when and how you'd like to get notification alerts for this channel. If it's a channel you don't really care about, consider muting notifications. If it's a channel you want to be on top of, consider turning on notifications for all messages. You can set specific notification preferences for each channel.


Go here to see all the messages where you have been tagged in the channel.

Starred Messages

Only you can see your starred messages. Click here to view all of your starred messages in that channel. This can serve as your private bookmark of important resources and messages in the channel.

Pinned Messages

Channel owners can "pin" important messages for convenient access for the channel. Users in the channel can see the same pinned messages.

Export Messages

Here you can export and download messages within a certain time frame in the channel.

  1. Select method as "Export as File".

  2. Select the from and to date, for the time frame in which you want to export messages.

  3. Click the blue "Export" button to begin download.


If you want all future messages in a specific channel to be auto-translated, click here and then select from the 90 available languages.

Keyboard Shortcuts

View some of the keyboard shortcuts for quickly navigating Nectir. Not required for a great Nectir experience.

Prune Messages

Only available to workspace administrators. Contact your community manager @Vicky if you need help with permanently deleting someone else's message. To delete your own message, you should be able to do it yourself.

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