Nectir helps you build a community in your classroom. Here are some of the best ways we've seen students, TA's, and Professors use the Nectir platform to make learning a better experience for everyone.

Before getting into the details of how Nectir's features can help you be more efficient, take a few minutes to see why instructors and students are having such a different and improved experience with the platform.

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Now, make sure you check out this faculty workshop on how to put those ideas into action and make the most of your Nectir workspace.

1. Use @all to notify all your students

A great way to make sure that every student gets an important message is by using the "@all" command. Type it in right before your message. This sends all of your students a notification (email and/or mobile) directing them to the message you just sent.

2. Use Nectir to host online office hours

Host remote office hours by telling your students "I will be online from 2-3PM today if anyone has any questions about the upcoming midterm!" This works for TA's and Professors alike. Nectir office hours gives every student the opportunity to get their questions answered, regardless of their schedule or ability to come in person.

3. Make a #yourclass-announcements channel

This use is best if you want to use Nectir as the sole means of communication in your class. By making a dedicated channel for just announcements, students can easily see the most important things you have to say. Make sure to:

  1. Add a separate embedded page on your GauchoSpace for this channel,

  2. Name your discussion channel #yourclass-discussion

4. Start class discussions before lecture begins

Class channels are meant to be free flowing discussion spaces through which students can become comfortable with talking about the lecture material. If you have a reading or topic that you want your students to discuss, try sending it in your class channel beforehand and assigning each student to reply (in a thread or discussion) with their thoughts before coming to class. This way they come prepared with something to talk about.

To start a separate discussion within your channel, use the pen/pad icon in the top left corner of the Nectir workspace. Select "Discussion" to add your details. You can invite users if you want to give it to specific students (such as within your section only), or you can invite nobody in order to share it with the entire class. Here's what it should look like:

5. Create easy, in-class polls to keep up with your students

Nectir allows you to take easy polls in class. You can also use this feature to take attendance by closing the polls after a certain period of time. To create a poll, check out our tutorial: Creating a Poll

6. Check messages from an individual student

Want to search the channel to see all of the messages from a specific person?

  1. Go to the search bar within a channel (top right corner) and search "From:[Username]". Make sure there is no space between the "From:" and "Username".

  2. It will show you all of the messages that user has sent within your channel.

This is a great way to keep track of how often students are engaging with your class channel.

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