Create a breakout discussion setting for you and your students to exchange ideas instantaneously within your existing class channel. Discussions are great for keeping messages or conversations contained within a page, rather than cluttering your class channel.

The discussions that you have joined can be accessed on the left-hand bar at any time, under "Discussions".

To create a discussion within your channel:

  1. At the bottom of your channel, you will see your message box. At the end of it, there is a plus sign.

  2. Click on the plus sign and select "Discussion".

  3. Add the necessary information and then "Create" the discussion within your channel.

  4. You can also add more users into this discussion through the members tab (the same way that you would with a regular channel).

Note: Users in your parent channel are not automatically added to each discussion.

An alternative method to create a discussion:

  1. Go to your Nectir workspace and click the pen and paper icon 📝 in the top left corner of your sidebar.

  2. Select "Discussion" in the drop-down menu.

  3. You will see a pop up screen titled "Creating a New Discussion". Enter information accordingly then press "Create".

To auto-invite everyone from your channel into the discussion:

  1. Create the discussion and open it up.

  2. In the discussion message box, type "/invite-all-from".

  3. An option will appear that will show you how to format this invite function, select that and continue typing as the format shows.

  4. Your message will end up looking like this: /invite-all-from #YourChannelName

  5. Once you send this message, your students in that channel will be auto-added to the discussion.

  6. This will work for both private and public channels.

To individually add users to the discussion:

  1. Go to the "Members" tab at the top right within the discussion page to add students individually. This will help you create specific groups within discussions.

  2. Copy and paste the emails of the students you'd like in this discussion, and select "add users". You can also search up member names and select to add them to the discussion.

Note: all discussions within your channel will be able to be viewed by everyone in that channel.

Once you have clicked the blue "join" button within the discussion, only then will it show up on your left side bar. If you are auto-added, then it will automatically appear on the left side bar. Discussions are viewable and can be added by ANYONE in that channel.

Deleting a discussion:

  1. Go to the discussion you'd like to delete.

  2. Click on the "info" tab within the discussion.

  3. You will see the screen shown below. Click "Delete".

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