1. Go to your Canvas class page.

  2. Visit Settings > Apps > Search for "Nectir".

  3. Select Nectir, and click "Add App".

  4. Now you need your Consumer Key and your Shared Secret . To get those, go to your school's Nectir workspace (ex: ucsc.nectir.io).

  5. Click your profile icon on the top left of the workspace and select "My Account". If you haven't created an account yet, register a new account, verify your email, and come back to this step.

  6. Select "Personal Access Tokens" on the left sidebar.

  7. Type in an Access Token name like "canvas" and select "Add".

  8. Copy the text in "Your user Id" and paste it into the Consumer Key field in Canvas.

  9. Press "ok" in Nectir.

  10. Go to your newly created token and copy the "Last token part" and paste it into the Shared Secret field in Canvas (excluding the ellipsis).

  11. In Canvas, fill in your "Nectir hostname URL" (ex: ucsc.nectir.io). Your fields should look similar to this, with your custom created Consumer Key, Shared Secret, and hostname URL.

  12. Click "Add App", reload the page, and you should see Nectir appear on the sidebar!

  13. Make sure to click the Nectir link to double check the integration is successful. Your page should look similar to the screenshot below.

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