Integrating Nectir on Canvas saves you time by allowing your students to add themselves to your channel. It also auto-creates your channel for you, so that you don't have to create one yourself.

  1. Go to your course on Canvas

  2. Go to Settings > Navigation

  3. Drag "Nectir" from the bottom into the Navigation list, or click the 3 dots and select "Enable"

  4. Reload the page

  5. Click the new "Nectir" button on the sidebar Navigation

  6. Done! Your class should now be auto-created, and students will be automatically added when they click the sidebar link.

Did you manually create your class channel already and now have duplicate channels? Here's how to merge them:

  1. Log into Nectir outside of Canvas by going to

  2. Copy the name of the auto-generated channel

  3. Delete the auto-generated channel by going to the channel, clicking the "i" icon, and selecting "delete"

  4. Now go to your manually created channel, select the same "i" icon as before, and click "Edit"

  5. Rename your old channel to the name of the auto-created channel

  6. Scroll down and click "Save"

  7. Now go back to your Canvas course, and click on the Nectir integration

  8. Done! Your old Nectir channel should now be linked with Canvas. If you're still having issues, please use our livechat on the bottom right or contact [email protected].

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