Downloading the Nectir App

Get the Nectir mobile and desktop app

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Nectir is in your pocket so you can get to quick questions with quick answers, and have access to you community, wherever you are.

  1. Download the mobile Nectir App (iOS/Android)

    1. Search and Download "Nectir". It will appear with an orange "N" logo.

  2. Find your campus community

    1. Open the app and sign in using your institution's email provider (Google/Microsoft) and your ".edu" email and password.

  3. Done! You should be able to see all the channels you're in, receive notifications, and connect with your community on the go.

Navigating the Nectir App

The Nectir app works the same way that your desktop version of Nectir does.

  1. Use the "Directory" button to find all of the classes at your school. Search through the list to see all the public channels that are available to join.

  2. To create a public or private channel, click the pen/pad icon in the top right corner.

  3. To change the settings on your app, click the settings icon in the top left corner.

Need more help? Direct Message your Community Manager @VickyNectir or send us an email at [email protected].

Note: Your desktop/mobile notifications are separate, so remember to adjust settings on both. Check out our article on notifications settings for more!

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