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Searching messages within a channel
Searching messages within a channel

Find specific messages in your channel

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Need to find a specific post or message in your channel? Use the search feature to quickly access what you're looking for!

Search messages in your channel:

  1. Select a channel you wish to search up a message in.

  2. Towards the top right corner of you should see a row of icons.

  3. Select the πŸ” icon to search for a message.

  4. Type in message content you wish to search into the "Search Message" bar.

Search for messages from a specific student:

  1. Type "From:student name" in that exact format into your channel's search bar (no space in between).

  2. A list of all of the messages from that user should appear in a list beneath the search bar

For a sub-channel, search works the same way. Just go into the sub-channel page itself, and follow the same instructions as above.

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