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Changing user roles in a channel
Changing user roles in a channel

As a channel owner, you can set roles for specific people in the channel.

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Have multiple instructors in a channel? or need to set TAs as owners to help moderate the channel?

Here's how to change a user's role within a channel (you can only do this if you are the channel's owner):

  1. Make sure you are in the channel you'd like to edit user roles for.

  2. Click on the "Members List" button at the top right corner of your workspace.

  3. Find the user you'd like to remove or you can type their name in the "Search by Username" bar.

  4. Click on their name, and their account information will appear.

  5. Click the "Set as Owner" button, under the user's profile picture.

  6. Done! That user is now set as one of the channel owners.

    1. To remove them, do the same thing, but now the button should say "Remove as Owner"

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