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Setting up Nectir in Canvas (Campus-Wide License)
Setting up Nectir in Canvas (Campus-Wide License)
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Integrating Nectir on Canvas saves you time by allowing your students to add themselves to your channel. It auto-creates your channel for you, so that you don't have to create one yourself, and even syncs with your Canvas roster.

Setting up the Canvas Integration

  1. Go to your course on Canvas

  2. Click the new "Nectir" button on the sidebar Navigation

    Nectir listed on Canvas sidebar, Click on "Nectir"
  3. Done! Your class should now be auto-created.

  4. To auto-invite students to the channel:

    1. Click the "Nectir" button again in your Canvas page.

Syncing your Roster

Did some students drop your class or recently get added? Nectir's integration can sync with your Canvas roster to make sure only those enrolled in your class are in the class channel. No need to manually add or remove users, sync your channel to the roster with a click!

How to sync:

  1. Go to your course on Canvas

  2. Click the Nectir integration link

  3. Done, your Nectir screen will refresh and the roster will by synced

Loading Issue?

If you are experiencing a random loading issue when clicking on the Nectir link, similar to the one depicted below, here's what to do:

  1. Click on another channel (ex: #nectir-help) within the Canvas integration.

  2. Click back to your channel and it should be loaded now!

Important Note: Changing the Channel Name

If you have integrated your Nectir channel with Canvas, make sure to not change the name of your Nectir channel. The integration works by mapping your Canvas course name with the same course name on Nectir.

Changing the Nectir channel name will break the link between the Canvas course and Nectir channel, so when you open Nectir again, it will be unable to find the existing channel and create a new channel.

If you're interested in changing the channel name or need help fixing the integration, please contact [email protected] and we will be able to help you!

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