Our recommended method to add users: Adding users by email

An alternative way to add users directly into a chat is to send them an invite link. However, users will have to click on the link to join the channel, as this doesn't automatically add them like the method above.

Add users through invite link

  1. Go to the channel you'd like to add users to (you must be owner or moderator of that channel to add users)

  2. Click the "members" icon at the top right of the channel.

  3. Click the "Invite Link" grey button at the bottom of the members tab pop up.

  4. Copy your channel's invite link and share that link with those you want in the channel.

  5. Optional: Click "Edit Invite" to set an expiration date for the invite link or change the number of times the link can be used. Be sure to "Generate New Link" if you make any edits.

  6. DONE!

    1. Once users click on the invite link, they will be automatically added to the channel. If they do not have a Nectir account, they will be prompted to create one.

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