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What is a public channel
What is a public channel

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What is a public channel?

Public channels are the most important kind. Use public channels for conversations that are open to everyone. A public channel can be joined by anyone and can be found on the directory (globe button). Public channels can also be switched to private by the owner at any time, through the channel's information tab.

Channels make it easy to find what’s going on with your class. New class members can join a channel and read all the information previously shared by other users.

When in doubt, create a public channel. Public conversations help you build an emergent community that has the ability to grow with minimal effort. For example, create a public channel for a department or group on campus.

How to add users to a public channel

  1. Add users via email (preferred method)

    1. This is the best method to ensure that all your students are added to the channel. This will send them an email with their account info, and they will receive an email notification for any "@all" messages you send in the channel, even before they sign into Nectir. Check out our help article for step by step instructions.

  2. Add users via invite link

    1. You can create an invitation link to your channel, and send this to your students. Students will have to click on the link and join the channel themselves. If they forget to do this, they will not be in the channel or receive your message. For help on creating an invite link for a channel, read here!

  3. Have users search the channel name in the directory and join themselves

    1. If your channel is public, any Nectir user can search and find the channel in the directory, through the channel name. Users can then add themselves to the channel. Again, if they don't find and add themselves to the channel, they will not see your messages, which is why method #1 is reccomended!

How to delete a public channel

  1. Go to the info tab and select "Delete". You must be the owner to do this.

  2. Select "Yes, delete it!" to confirm. Deleting a room will delete all messages posted within the room. This cannot be undone.

NOTE: If you change your channel from private to public, or vice versa, you must re-embed the new link within your LMS.

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