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Adding students via email to your channel

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Once you have created a channel, add users to start chatting!

Add users by email (recommended)

  1. Go to the channel you'd like to add users to (you must be owner or moderator of that channel to add users).

  2. Click the "members" icon at the top right of the channel.

  3. Click the blue "+add" button at the bottom of the members tab pop up.

  4. Copy and paste your students' emails from your roster into the text box.

    • If you don't have a list of just student emails, you can copy your roster directly from your LMS, paste into the text box on Nectir, and it will only populate the emails.

  5. Click "add users".

  6. DONE!

    • This automatically adds the users to your channel, and auto-creates their Nectir account if they don't have one yet. Users will receive an email with their account information and directions on how to log on.

Alternate way to add users: Add users via invite link

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