Mentioning a user in a channel message will instantly send them a notification, which may vary depending on their personal notification preferences.

What is a "Mention"

A mention is a great way to draw a specific person or a group of people's attention to your message. They will be immediately notified of your mention.

How to mention a user in the channel:

  1. Select a channel you wish to mention a user in

  2. Select the message bar to compose a message

  3. Type @ into the message bar and select:

    • "Notify All in This Room" or "@all"

    • "Notify Active Users in This Room" or "@here"

    • or type in a specific user's name you wish to notify following the "@"

  4. After you've typed "@user", compose the rest of your message as you normally would

  5. Press send and they will be instantly notified!

Note: Using the "@all" function will send a notification (email) to everyone in the room. This is a great way to send important reminders to your students or group members. It essentially acts as a list=serv.

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