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Mentioning a user in the channel
Mentioning a user in the channel

Instantly notify a user by mentioning them in the channel

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Mentioning a user in a channel message will instantly send them a notification, which may vary depending on their personal notification preferences.

What is a "Mention"

A mention is a great way to draw a specific person or a group of people's attention to your message. They will be notified via email of your message.

This is helpful for instructors who want to make sure all students in the channel see the message, since they will also get an email notification in addition to a Nectir notification in the workspace.

How to mention a user in the channel:

  1. Select a channel you wish to mention a user in

  2. Select the message bar to compose a message

  3. Type @ into the message bar and select:

    • "Notify All in This Room" or "@all" (only channel owners or moderators can do this)

    • "Notify Active Users in This Room" or "@here"

    • or type in a specific user's name you wish to notify following the "@"

  4. After you've typed "@user", compose the rest of your message as you normally would

  5. Press send and they will be instantly notified!

Note: Using the "@all" function will send a notification (email) to everyone in the room. This is a great way to send important reminders to your students or group members.

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