To quickly invite users to your private channel, you can send them an invite link. If your channel is public, your invite link is the channel's URL.

How to invite users to a private channel by invite link:

  1. Go to the Members List (the 'people' icon in the top right corner of your channel/group).

  2. Click on "Invite Link" at the bottom of the tab.

  3. The invite link to join your private Nectir channel will be generated. Select "Edit Invite" to change the expiration date for the link.

    • By default, invite links last for 1 day. Change the expiration date and the number of uses, if needed. Be sure to click "Generate New Link".

  4. Copy the invite link and share it with whoever you would like to join your channel. If the person you are sending the invite link to does not have a Nectir account, they will be prompted to create an account and then will be added to your channel after.

How to invite users to a public channel by invite link:

  1. If your channel is public, the URL is the invite link. Copy and share the channel's URL with your intended users.

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